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Project based:
ESL is experienced in project-based LED retrofit installations. All retrofit projects we participate in include application for utility incentives.

We also can provide LED custom spec manufacturing providing options other than off the shelf products. We can customize the lumens per watt in 4′ tubes and 2×2 and 2×4 panels, the kelvin temperature and the wattage.

Energy Efficiency:
Energy efficiency in lighting is a primary goal of ERSI and ERSI typically recommends LED replacement lighting rather than high efficiency T-8 or T-5 fluorescent lighting or other types of HID or HPS replacements.

Energy Smart Lighting is affiliated with (ERSI) Electronics Recycling & Scrapping Inc., which recycles mercury filled fluorescent lamps, other lamps and ballasts. The recycling company leadership team recognized that the LED lighting technology could be sold and end the recycling cycle of inefficient mercury lamps so Energy Smart Lighting was created.Type your paragraph here.

ESL Offers:

Creative Vision Bold Design

Lighting Audits
Professional Lighting Design & Photometrics
Project Based Lighting Sales and Implementation
New Construction LED Lighting Sales
Lighting Energy Savings Consulting
Utility & NYSERDA Incentive Rebates



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